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We are experts in:

  • SmartLedger®
  • Advisory Services
  • Tax Planning & Compliance
  • QuickBooks Training & Consulting

We use proven processes to accelerate the recording of financial transactions and create an open data flow between offices and clients. Periodic management reports are produced and regular consultations are scheduled to answer questions and provide viable suggestions and solutions.


Our flagship product, SmartLedger, is a process that uses the most advanced technologies to provide our business client with specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-sensitive information to achieve its financial objectives. We rely on our cloud-based, paperless environment to create a system that is adaptive to each client’s circumstances. Since all businesses are faced with a host of goals, deadlines, and unique facts, we offer three levels of service:

Essentials – We provide this option for business owners who require basic financial accounting entries while ensuring sound tax compliance in a cost-efficient manner. This is only suitable for the business with a simple operating structure and whose management requests no appreciable periodic monitoring of financial performance or any detailed analysis of the general ledger.

Premium - This is our most popular option for busy entrepreneurs who retain VTA to be efficient in terms of time and cost but desire a hands-on approach to accounting services. We take Essentials to the next level, providing, at a minimum, these key benefits: quarterly financial review, sundry tax compliance, payroll services and utilization of key performance indicators (“KPI’s”) to gauge periodic financial results, and unlimited support via telephone and Liscio®, our communications platform.

Complete – Building on our Premium service, this comprehensive option assists business owners who wish to build and maintain a financially successful business. We go beyond data entry and quarterly reviews, providing ongoing, extensive, and detailed business advice, where we ensure management implements sound decisions. Where appropriate, for example, we offer in-depth consulting to improve cost controls, facilitate third-party quotes for varied professional and other business services, troubleshoot debt restructuring, and render guidance for other areas of need.

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Advisory Services

Whether you are pursuing acquisition, gathering data to comply with industry or tax regulations, or seeking funding, your success begins with understanding your current value. We collaborate with you and outside teams to analyze and produce thoughtful, written, understandable reports that serve a critical role in implementing your plans. The breadth of circumstances can encompass:

• Buy/Sell
• Succession
• Ownership Disputes
• Estate/Gift Strategy
• Divorce
• Conversion of Entity/Tax

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Tax Planning & Compliance

Tax laws change and multiply every year, complicating an already cumbersome process. Leave it to our professionals, who are here to help.

Federal Tax Services
We navigate the complex federal tax law and implement tax management strategies to make critical daily and strategic growth decisions. Our focuses are transparency and planning to eliminate the element of surprise at the tax filing deadline. It is the effort of our team throughout the latter part of each year to stay in touch and work to anticipate and eliminate issues as they crop up.

State and Local Tax Services
The state and local taxing landscape has changed substantially in light of judicial and regulatory pronouncements – expanding the concept of nexus and enabling taxing authorities throughout the U.S. to cast a wide net on multi-jurisdictional transactions. We assist our clients in understanding the complex implications of the areas where they conduct their business while improving efficiencies, streamline processes and evaluating risks.

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Quickbooks Training & Consulting

We recognize the importance of continual improvement – and that pertains to QuickBooks. We offer each client the option to utilize the power QuickBooks gives to its business every day. Our approach centers on four principal areas:

• Training
• Personalized Consulting
• Thought Leadership
• Cloud-based QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks POS, or QuickBooks Enterprise

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