Who We Serve

Who We Serve

We support you, the client, in your decision-making process by leveraging our talent. We strive to provide clarity by giving you data that enables you to move forward with a sound plan to implement your strategies.
VTA has a concentration in three substantial sectors of the Lehigh Valley economy:

• Professional & Technical Services
• eCommerce & Technology
• Real Estate

Professional & Technical Services

Our team has decades of experience providing critical analysis and practical solutions as well as identifying business trends and growth opportunities to improve operations, efficiency and profitability. We understand the unique stresses facing physicians, dentists, attorneys, chiropractors, engineers and other service providers. We adapt our business processes to accommodate the individual circumstances – including industry-specific software -- of management, whether the issue is cash flow, debt service, decreasing reimbursements, recapitalization, or inadequacies with respect to internal operations.

In the end, all the professional has is his or her reputation for consummate work effort. Our task is to lighten the burden of having to deal with those elements of work upon which the professional need not focus.

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eCommerce & Technology

In a post-Wayfair climate, accurate recording and maintenance of transactions, as well as the business process considerations – merchant services, sales tax implementation, site strategy, and process improvements – all play a vital role for a successful launch and sustained growth. Understanding nexus is a must.

We create a bookkeeping schedule to meet your needs – including daily, weekly, monthly, and annual tasks. All that is necessary – payroll, accounts receivable, vendor bill payments, time and expense reporting, asset recording and maintenance – is provided at different levels of our SmartLedger®.

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Real Estate

For most real estate operations, maximizing asset value, cash flow, and operating income are paramount. We know that for you to make informed decisions regarding current or upcoming projects, data must address risk, identify opportunities and potential problems. Whether you are a commercial or residential lessor, developer, or contractor, you need timely and accurate reports, projections and studies that can quickly assist you with the next big decision – joint venture, 1031 exchange, redevelopment, refinancing, or perhaps a mere cost segregation study.

VTA recognizes that yours is a multi-faceted industry with complex reporting and transactions, and we simplify it. The future for real estate will undoubted remain filled with challenges, and our business processes are designed to be there with you every step of the way.

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